Dear Mela Safari Solution

My name is Jesca I have been trying to find the words to express our recent safari trip to you, however I am now convinced those words do not exist. Please forgive my understatements. This was, by far, the best vacation we have ever taken. I want to thank you for all your input and for your professionalism. Our itinerary worked out very well and I can't think of any way we could have improved on it without staying longer! You did a terrific job for us. A huge 'Thank-You' to Mela Safari Solution. We had a wonderful time and I believe it was in part due to John. We just loved him. He was very knowledgeable, kind, thoughtful and his personality blended so well with ours. He taught us to love the animals and the people as much as he does. I am impressed with how much he loves his country and his job and how well he shares it with others. We actually missed him when we moved on to Zanzibar! The coffee tour at Tengeru Coffee Plantation was so informative and Salvatore set it up so we could have lunch before the tour, which was wonderful. I was impressed with our guide during the plantation tour also. The accommodations were quite lovely at each place we stayed, and I was especially fond of Katikati camp. The new manager seemed a little scattered, but the visit could not have been better. If you have not stayed there, you must really try it sometime! The balloon ride was so exciting and more than I thought it could be. I have never been in a hot air balloon before and I cannot think of any other place that I would have liked to experience my first voyage. The spice tour was much more than expected and included fruits and flowers. Our guide 'Teacher' was very informative and took the time to explain many things to us. We were surprised at the fruit we got to sample at the end of the tour.