Dear Mela Safari Solutions

As I think about the past year, my family trip to Tanzania stands out as an unequaled adventure. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank your whole company for providing us with exactly the kind of experience we wanted. With your staff's help, we managed to go to all the sites we desired, without the crowding and long caravan lines that many travelers endure. No large groups. No caravans of vehicles waiting for a peek at some animal sighting. No problems with lodging, food, or staff.

The planning was helped by my frequent communications with Susan Wood in New Hampshire. She helped me to decide on the best route and timing, after I researched the various sites. This led to a final itinerary that was custom made, totally unlike a pre-packaged tour. I know she was very busy, and appreciated the time she took to address my particular interests.

The greatest asset to our trip was the wonderful guide, David. He was so comfortable to be with, so at ease with us, so open to our wishes, so flexible, we always felt it was OUR trip the whole time. Joshua knows his animals, trees, birds, and all. But also, he understands his passengers' level of knowledge about the environment. He respected our familiarity with wildlife, and added to it. We asked so many questions! We learned so much. Even long drives were filled with observations as we passed through the countryside. Yet he also performed the usual tasks very well- photo opportunities, great sightings, and so on. For example, we came hoping to see a couple of cheetahs if lucky, but we saw 26. We witnessed five separate hunts by lions and cheetahs, including a stand-off between the two species. And we saw not only the hyrax we wanted to find (easy at a rest stop), but the rock hyrax as well, in the wild. Our great guide never gave up on finding the two last animals on our wish list, the rhino and the leopard. At the end, he found rhinos in the crater, though the leopards refused to cooperate.

Please let David know how much we enjoyed our time with him. So much excitement. So much laughter. So much learning, and respect for the lives of the people of Tanzania. He's a pro, and would make a great trainer of other guides! I will refer friends to Roy for such a wonderful trip. And I'll always tell them to ask for Joshua! Sincerely,